Removing the Test Student from a Canvas Course

The ‘Student View’ button gives an instructor or course builder access to a student preview of the course. After using the student view tool there will be a Test Student in the grade center. You can even take assessments and turn in homework to be graded as a test student to experience the course as your students might. It is a very useful tool while preparing a course.

Removing the Test Student

If you wish to remove the test student from a Canvas course, here are the steps:

  • Click on Settings in the course
  • Click on the Sections tab (found near the top)
  • Click the section to locate the test student
  • Hover over the test student
    • A red X should appear
  • Be certain to be hovering only over the test student
    • Then click the red X while hovering over the test student

Restoring the Test Student

To bring the test student back:

  • Go to the homepage or settings page
  • Click the ‘Student View’ button

After leaving the student view, the test student shall have returned to the grade center.