Canvas Help Menu Updates – October 2020

Canvas Help menu with student orientation and resources. Described in article text.The Canvas Help menu has been modified to add new resources for students, available to both students and faculty.

Orientation for Online Learners

The Center for Teaching & Learning has partnered with Innovative Educators to provide access to online learning student success resources. The resources include an orientation to online learning and twenty student success workshops.

For more information about these resources please read Online Learning Student Success Resources by Innovative Educators.

Canvas Student Training and Resources

An internal Canvas site has been created to help students learn how to successfully navigate Canvas, access available help resources, and learn more about Canvas activities and tools and practice using them in a Canvas course.

The link to the site via the Help menu will allow students and faculty to self-enroll.

Questions? We can help!

Have questions about Canvas, instructor presence, video, audio, online teaching, or much more? Please contact the Center for Teaching & Learning through our contact form.