Podcast: Faculty Focus Live

Faculty Focus has a great podcast on a number of topics in academia. They work bring instructors and teachers ideas within teaching, along with tips, tricks, and other techniques.

The podcast is embedded below, but it can also be found at Faculty Focus Live or through your favorite podcast app. Transcripts are available at Faculty Focus Live.

Sparking Joy through Co-construction Circles, Empathy Mapping, and the Teaching Perspectives Inventory Faculty Focus Live

We’re chatting about co-construction circles, empathy mapping, and the Teaching Perspectives Inventory with Cynthia Alby, Karynne Kleine, and Caralyn Zehnder who will be presenting at our Teaching Professor Conference. They discuss how co-construction circles help give each student something different to focus on in a reading. Someone may be coming up with discussion questions, while someone else is focusing on reading connections, and when students come together in class, they all have something different to bring to the table. Additionally, they dive into empathy mapping and how instructors need to ask the question of, Who are we designing for? Empathy mapping fosters an incredible joy for them in designing for diverse groups of students. “We do that through building narratives that describe diverse student experiences and perspectives…”They also use a tool called the Teaching Perspectives Inventory to get a notion of who they are as teachers and how to better appreciate their colleagues. Rather than having a perspective of “good” and “bad” teachers, they ask the question of, What can we appreciate from that person’s perspective?You won’t want to miss out on the magic of the Teaching Professor Conference in Atlanta from June 3 – 5.  
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