Podcast: Faculty Focus Live

Faculty Focus has a great podcast on a number of topics in academia. They work bring instructors and teachers ideas within teaching, along with tips, tricks, and other techniques.

The podcast is embedded below, but it can also be found at Faculty Focus Live or through your favorite podcast app. Transcripts are available at Faculty Focus Live.

Creating Pockets of Joy, Humor, and Positivity in Your Face-to-Face and Online Class Faculty Focus Live

Humor in the classroom, it’s definitely not as easy as we think. For instance, making a joke can fall flat in an online class. You may not see the reactions from your students in their blank, virtual boxes, or your audio might freeze and they miss the joke. But despite these hurdles, it doesn't mean you should give up on fostering humor and positivity into your class—whether you're face-to-face or online. Humor can improve memory, comprehension, and can even improve engagement. In this episode, we'll dive into different tactics you can use to integrate humor into your course, such as memes which can be used as an assessment, as a learning tool, and can provide you with content that you can use later on, and how you can leverage both humor and positivity to achieve this, and finally, how you can be successful at this even in an online environment.Recommended Resources:Using Humor to Engage Students in the ClassroomHow Do Master Teachers Create a Positive Classroom?Using Humor and Levity to Enhance the Online Learning EnvironmentHow Do I Establish an Engaging Atmosphere in My Online Classroom?
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