Podcast: Faculty Focus Live

Faculty Focus has a great podcast on a number of topics in academia. They work bring instructors and teachers ideas within teaching, along with tips, tricks, and other techniques.

The podcast is embedded below, but it can also be found at Faculty Focus Live or through your favorite podcast app. Transcripts are available at Faculty Focus Live.

Ungrading: The Misconceptions, the Research, and the Strategies Faculty Focus Live

Ungrading might seem a little daunting, right? How can you just take away grades? How can you assess students without actually grading their essays, projects, or homework? How do you prepare students who depend on grades to adapt to a new type of grading? In this episode, we’ll cover what ungrading actually is, some of the research behind it, and how it can be brought to any classroom by having an honest conversation with your students. And then we’ll take a few minutes to dispel some misconceptions about ungrading, because ungrading doesn’t mean you have to completely eliminate grades in all forms from your classroom. Lastly, we’ll cover a few ungrading assessment strategies that you can implement into your own course.Recommended Resources:20-Minute Mentor: What Is Ungrading and How Can It Unleash Your Students' Potential?20-Minute Mentor: What Are 7 Ways to Assess Students in an Ungraded Classroom?Don't forget to expand your love for teaching at the Teaching Professor Annual Conference in New Orleans, June 9 – 11. Give yourself something to look forward to: a conference to network, learn, and refocus on why you got into teaching in the first place!
  1. Ungrading: The Misconceptions, the Research, and the Strategies
  2. A New Year of Practicing Gratitude, Extending Kindness, and Setting Goals
  3. A Hyflex Course: Bridging the Gap Between Online and In-person Students
  4. The Research Behind Memory: Memory-boosting Strategies to Incorporate into Your Teaching
  5. Creating a Safe, Welcoming, and Positive Environment for Your Online Students