CTL Updates for April 25, 2022

Professional Development


Investing HSA money!

Professor of Business Mike Wade will be hosting a Webex presentation on how to invest in the TD Ameritrade HSA account. Learn why you should max this out and not reimburse yourself for medical expenses. Attendees may invite family members to attend. Also, attendees should watch for emails with homework!

  • Monday, May 2, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Code: CTLE-E113-530. Webex Link

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Building Instructional Immediacy in the Online Classroom

As colleges rapidly deployed online instruction in the wake of the pandemic, instructors struggled to connect meaningfully with students. Online Immediacy is one approach that works well in-person and online. Immediacy is about shortening the distance between teacher and student through clear communication, approachability, and a sense of community. Participants learn how to build authenticity in the digital classroom with instructional immediacy.


The 2022 Learning Innovations Conference will be free and online this year. The conference is presented by the ILCCO and NILRC Learning Innovations Conference Committee.  Please join the conference for discussion, demonstrations, and conversations around the ways technology functions and how it has been best implemented at several institutions.