AI: Writing Detection Pilot in SIMCheck

TurnItIn SIMCheck is providing a temporary free pilot/trial of their new AI detection tool. If you try it, please give us some feedback at This AI detection tool will be in SIMCheck through December 2023 so you can try it in both Summer and Fall terms.

AI Percentage Score percentage value in report

Submitting Sample Files

If you choose to submit sample files to the tool to see how it scores please uncheck, “Index all Submissions” for the assignment. Indexing will add your sample files to the college’s database of student document submissions.

Plagiarism Review settings in Canvas assignment

Before using it for grading, faculty members should review TurnItIn’s AI Writing Detection Capabilities – Frequently Asked Questions to best understand its limitations. Please remember that with this new technology, there can be false positives. Please especially note the following FAQ:

What can I do if I feel that the?AI?indicator is incorrect? How does Turnitin?s indicator address false positives?

If you find AI written documents that we’ve missed, or notice authentic student work that we’ve predicted as AI-generated, please let us know! Your feedback is crucial in enabling us to improve our technology further. You can provide feedback via the ?feedback? button found in the AI writing report.

Sometimes false positives (incorrectly flagging human-written text as AI-generated), can include lists without a lot of structural variation, text that literally repeats itself, or text that has been paraphrased without developing new ideas. If our indicator shows a higher amount of AI writing in such text, we advise you to take that into consideration when looking at the percentage indicated.

In a longer document with a mix of authentic writing and AI generated text, it can be difficult to exactly determine where the AI writing begins and original writing ends, but our model should give you a reliable guide to start conversations with the submitting student.

In shorter documents where there are only a few hundred words, the prediction will be mostly “all or nothing” because we’re predicting on a single segment without the opportunity to overlap. This means that some text that is a mix of AI-generated and original content could be flagged as entirely AI-generated.

Please consider these points as you are reviewing the data and following up with students or others.

If you have any questions, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning.