Joe Flynn: 2024 POY Finalist

Professor,  Business
Department Chair, Business, Culinary Arts, Cannabis Retail Specialist

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College Service

  • Current Department Chair (Business, Culinary Arts, Cannabis Retail Specialist).
  • Department Chair when Paralegal Studies program was created.
  • Served on the faculty’s Executive Committee for several years.
  • Served as Assistant Coordinator for the New Faculty Orientation program.
  • Served as a podium trainer.
  • Former member of the Honor’s Committee.
  • Former member of The Democracy Commitment committee.
  • Participated with the Business Club.
  • Served on many hiring committees including outside of my department.
  • Served on many non-tenured faculty evaluation teams.
  • Presented multiple times on College Learning Days.
  • Presented multiple times for 6th Grade Career Days and High School Career Days held on campus.
  • Presented to the following groups on campus: TRIO (financial literacy), Honor’s Students (Budgeting), Recreation Management (Financial Wellness), and Phi Theta Kappa (Career Advice).
  • DECA competition judge.
  • Responsible for bringing MicroGrade software to campus; as well as, conducting multiple training sessions and providing support for faculty.
  • Wrote the departmental final exams for both Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting courses.
  • Developed both Financial and Managerial Accounting as online courses. Developed the Personal Finance class for both the classroom and online. Developed Computer Applications in Accounting for online and hybrid.
  • Created supplemental materials for students (videos and practice problems) that are available on a Canvas course that I created that is available to all accounting students.
  • Created supplemental accounting problems for professors teaching the Business Math course.
  • Took the lead in a substantial revision to the Business Department’s curriculum, including adding new certificates.
  • Help organize Advisory Board meetings.
  • Attended many workshops and conferences to better my teaching skills.
  • Reprographics Award winner.
  • Nominated for Master Teacher of the Year.
  • Nominated for Professor of the Year at least ten times (I cannot find all of the certificates).

Finalist for Professor of the Year several times, including 2015, 2020, and 2022. 

  • Dyer Babe Ruth Baseball manager and member of the Board of Directors for many years. Also served as treasurer even after my sons were too old to play in the league.
  • Served on the Marriage Ministry committee at my church. My wife and I gave workshops on marriage to engaged couples.