Distance/Online Strategies

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Distance education, including online and hybrid/blended, often utilizes different strategies than traditional face-to-face education.  The distance classroom may also use transformed strategies from face-to-face, while also leveraging options & items specific to distance.

Featured resources:

* A Few Engagement Strategies at the Start of the Semester – A list of a few strategies that can help engage students and spark interest at the start of the semester.

* Blended Learning Toolkit – From the University of Wisconsin, Madison, the toolkit is a substantial resource intended to help instructors create engaging and effective hybrid/blended courses.

* Online Course Quality Rubric – This checklist will help instructors ensure their class meets online quality standards.

A group of people, representing a community

Establishing Community and Trust

Learning doesn’t need to occur in a bubble.  It’s incredibly important to allow students to get to know their instructor, and for the instructor to get to know their students.

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Panopto at Moraine Valley

Panopto is Moraine Valley’s video distribution system. Videos created by any method (with a mobile device, video camera, webcam, Camtasia, etc.) can be added to this system for sharing with others. Features of Panopto include: Video playback on all devices Excellent reporting Customizable privacy settings Text-to-speech captioning Integrated quizzes (with reporting on quiz answers) Built-in video editor Canvas integration Multimedia Services provides information on the use of Panopto through the ITConnect Knowledge Base. For a quick start on using Panopto, view the Learn: Using Panopto document on ITConnect. Panopto also has an excellent support portal with articles on using its […]