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Converting Word Documents to Accessible PDFs

Microsoft Word 2016 provides the ability to save documents as Adobe PDFs. This is helpful for making documents less editable by others, sending static versions for review only. Microsoft Word does provide the ability to ensure that any PDF created can be accessible by individuals using a screen reader or narration. There are several simple steps to save as an accessible PDF: Ensure your Word document is accessible through the Accessibility Checker, located at File -> Check for Issues -> Check Accessibility. Make any needed corrections. Save a copy of your original Word file, in case adjustments are needed in the […]

Image depicting individuals with multiple abilities

Making Microsoft Word Documents Accessible

Accessibility checker Microsoft Word (2016 version for Windows and Mac) has a built-in accessibility checker. The tool is designed to aid an individual in determining a document’s accessibility issues. It does not cover all accessibility topics however, it does cover most of them and can be a time saver. The tool will scan a document and present a series of errors and warnings. Any issue can be reviewed by clicking on it, allowing the user to be presented with information on why and how to fix.  The accessibility checker can be accessed through the ribbon by going to File -> […]

Image depicting individuals with multiple abilities

Accessibility Issues in Documents

Creating documents with accessibility in mind helps a variety of learners. Students with visual disabilities may need to use a screen reading device, which needs to have ADA friendly documents to ensure the device can read the content to the student. Other elements, such as tables and links, can help everyone by having greater descriptiveness. Many tools, like Microsoft Word and Google Docs, have built-in features that help with creating accessible and well composed documents. Heading styles Heading styles are built-in to any word processing program. These styles allow for a breakdown of sections of a document, similarly creating an […]

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TLC Talks – 11/1/17 in MVCC Library

Please join us for our upcoming TLC Talks event on Wednesday, November 1, 2017 from 11:00am – 1:00pm in the Library Event space.  The Teaching and Learning Community Event is a public event organized and hosted by the Moraine Valley Center for Teaching & Learning and the Library.  During each fall semester staff, administrators and faculty from across the college, who are knowledgeable and passionate about intriguing subjects inspire us with ideas worth sharing through featured short talks.  The event is free and open to the entire college community.  Faculty members are encouraged to bring their classes. Please see the slate of speakers […]

Image depicting individuals with multiple abilities

Accessibility is for Everyone

Ensuring anything a person creates or modifies is accessible has the added benefit of helping everyone. A created object can help people of differing abilities in unexpected ways. Documents Designing documents with accessibility in mind generally causes them to be better formatted and searchable. This enhances the design of the document itself, while maintaining all the features needed to ensure accessibility. For example, using proper headers creates a navigation structure, allowing for a user to jump around a document easily. The same structure also allows for a single click creation of a table of contents. Presentations Presentations can also have […]