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CTL Updates for April 25, 2022

Check this week’s post which highlights upcoming professional development related to investing , online classroom immediacy and the free, online 2022 Learning Innovations Conference presented by ILCCO and NILRC. topic of discussion: The ways technology functions and institutional implementation.

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CTL Updates for February 7, 2022

Professional Development this Week:
Growing Online Learning Conference, Smart Evals Course Evaluation System Reporting, Climate Change and the Nature of Belief, Improving Overall Customer Service With 30 Practical Research-Based Service Strategies, A Supervisor’s Guide to Having Difficult Conversations With Employees

Instructional Technology Unconference

The Instructional Technology Unconference will take place on October 17, 2019, from 3:00p to 5:00p, starting in A141. Unlike a traditional conference, an unconference is designed to have short, quick paced sessions that get right to the point.  In our case, the Instructional Technology Unconference will have two 45-minute sessions.  Each presenter is asked to demonstrate their content three times over one of the sessions, with each demonstration lasting only 12 minutes.  Attendees are able to cycle around to three different presentations over the 45 minute period.  The presentations will be spread out across 6 rooms on the first floor […]