Course Planning

How we plan & design a course impacts how it functions and how students learn.  A good design incorporates multiple theories, content, and critical thinking skills. 

Critical Thinking & Bloom’s Taxonomy

Accessibility & UDL

  • What is Web Accessibility? – Web accessibility is intended to ensure the web works for the widest possible audience.
  • UDL Guidelines – Via CAST, the Universal Design for Learning Guidelines are a framework for improving teaching and learning for all.

Design a Course Backwards

Finding Learning Content

  • Digital Commons Network – The Digital Commons Network provides completely free access to articles and research from many colleges and universities around the world.
  • Open Resources through MERLOT – MERLOT is a large group working to provide Open Educational Resources (OER), along with services and research, to the educational community at large.

Adding/Creating Graphical Media

  • Unsplash – Unsplash is one of several sites that provides open access images for use.
  • Canva – Canva is an online design and collaboration site that makes it easier to create presentations, social media posts, graphics, and more.
  • Polotno Studio – Polotno Studio is similar to Canva however it relies fully on free and open access content for creation.

Leveraging Online Tools

  • Timeline JS – A tool that enables anyone to build visually rich, interactive timelines.  Relies on Google Sheets.
  • Picking Useful Tools for Instruction – Technology tools, including Canvas functions, should only be used if they have a purpose for instruction.

Syllabus Design

  • Liquid Syllabus – Via Michelle Pacansky-Brock, a ‘liquid syllabus’ is a way of ensuring students start their courses with a feeling of support.

Video for Effectiveness

Planning Activities

Humanize an Online Course

  • What Is Humanizing? – Via Michelle Pacansky-Brock, defines the concept of humanizing for a course .
    • Humanizing visual guide  – Via Michelle Pacansky-Brock, a visual representation of humanizing a course and the needs involved.