CTL Updates for May 9, 2022


Professional Development



NISOD is offering the following live webinar:

This webinar explores the importance of reframing education as something beyond career development and targeting the higher experience in all of us. Applicable to any subject area, this webinar builds on the idea that we learn best from those people with whom we develop a meaningful rapport and trust.  The activities and discussions have been curated to help foster a positive, affirmational pedagogy that rekindles the deeper purpose of education, which is to maximize one’s potential. 


Innovative Educators/Go2Knowledge

Innovative Educators is offering the following live webinar:

This webinar will help you find renewed vigor in your educational setting through the principles of competency-based education. The principles of CBE focus on student mastery over concepts using personalized pathways to common goals. Consider adding choice, practical applications, rigorous assessments, and collaborative groupings to your educational setting. This approach will guide you through manageable changes for students.