Collecting & Grading Student Work


In this lesson instructors will learn how to create and grade an online assignment and quiz.


Upon completion of this lesson, instructors will know how to:

  1. Create an online assignment
  2. Access quiz tool resources
  3. Open SpeedGrader to view and grade student submissions

Resources & Activities

Commonly, the Assignments tool or the Quizzes tool is used to collect and assess student work. Discussions can also be graded activities for graded reflection or group activities. Additionally, Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions can be added to a related course module.


If you are actively using the gradebook, you may already have assignments created in your class. Assignments allow instructors to share instructions, assignment value, and choose a submission type. Choosing a submission type of “online” allows students to submit work through the assignment link that the instructor can view and score in the gradebook. Online submission types allow for a variety of options.

Canvas Video Guides – Assignments Overview:

✓ Activity 1 – Create an online assignment: To create an online assignment, click the “Assignments” link in the course menu, then click the “+ Assignment” button. Alternatively, if the assignment already exists, click the Assignment name, then click the “Edit” button. Enter assignment details. Entering availability dates will restrict dates in which students can submit the assignment. When done, click the “Save and Publish” button.  Additionally, Assignments can be added to related modules.

Note, during a closure, we encourage instructors to allow a “Text Entry” submission type as it will accommodate a student that can only access Canvas through a mobile device.  Additionally, you may need to be flexible with due dates for students that cannot access the course due to network issues.


Canvas has a quizzing tool that can accommodate both quizzes and surveys.

During a closure, it may be helpful to create short homework quizzes to serve as knowledge checks. Quizzes can be added to related modules.

Canvas Video – Quizzes Overview:

✓ Activity 2 – View Quiz Resources: Please see the Canvas Guides for resources on how to create and manage Quizzes. Note, Moraine Valley has not yet upgraded to “New Quizzes”.


Instructors can view student submissions, grade, and share feedback using SpeedGrader. Instructors can access SpeedGrader from the Assignment or through the Grades page.

Canvas Video – SpeedGrader Overview:

✓ Activity 3 – View SpeedGrader Resources: You can access SpeedGrader through: AssignmentsQuizzesGraded Discussions, and the Gradebook.  Please see the Canvas Guides for additional resources on how to use SpeedGrader.

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