Sharing & facilitating content


In this lesson instructors will learn how to create a module and add content resources to pages.


Upon completion of this lesson, instructors will know how to:

  1. Create a module.
  2. Create and add a page to a module.
  3. Edit a page to include content resources.

Resources & Activities

Typically, content is organized by topic in the Modules area of the course. A module typically includes Canvas pages. Pages are the most universal content item and can include text, links to files and hyperlinks, images, and video content. Students can access these materials independently as their schedule permits.  Please be sure to “Publish” any content you want the students to be able to access.

Identifying content

Review the course schedule and prioritize content outcomes to be addressed. Once the outcomes have been identified:

  • Compile existing student resources that can be easily shared online.
  • Identify additional learning resources that are needed.
  • Determine if the planned assessment can be completed online or if a modification is needed.
  • Identify how you will collect student work.

Be sure to communicate any schedule and/or grading changes with your students. Please do not significantly increase the weight of a single assignment.


Modules control the entire flow of your course and its content.

Canvas Video Guides – Modules Overview:

✓ Activity 1 – Create a module: To create a module, click the “Modules” link in the course menu, then click the “+ Module” button. Enter a name for the module (you can think of this like the name of a folder that will hold related resources) and click the “Create module” button.  Be sure to publish the module when you want students to gain access to the resources.


Pages are where you can put content and educational resources that are a part of your course but don’t necessarily belong in an assignment. This is a place where you can include text, video, and links to your files and other locations within the course.

During a closure, instructors may want to consider offering content in a variety of modalities. Video content from sources like YouTube, KhanAcademy, Vimeo and the library can be easily added to a Canvas page by copying and pasting the link onto the page. Note, videos should be closed-captioned. Also, consider using library resources or OER resources.

Canvas Video Guides – Pages Overview:

✓ Activity 2 – Add a page to a module: To add a page in the module, click the “+” sign in the upper right corner of the module. In the “Add” drop down list, choose Page. Click “[New Page]”, then enter a page name, and then click the “Add Item” button.

✓ Activity 3 – Edit a page and add contents: To edit a page, click the page name then the “Edit” button.  Please use headings to organize major sections.  Please see the Rich Content Editor guides and the video below for resources to format a page, add links to files or website, and embed video.

Canvas Video Guides – Rich Content Editor:

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